Finance & Taxes

Finance Office:

Patrice Visco, CFO, QPA
Jon Rheinhardt, Budget Consultant

Penelope Crincoli, Tax Collector


Water and Sewer Billing:

Daniela Iannelli, Accounts Clerk



New Water Rates 2023:


In accordance with Ordinance #23-11 the Borough of Florham Park Water Utility rates for 2023 are as follows:

*Consumption Unit                                 2023 Rate                               2024 Rate


0-10 cu                                                $3.44                                       $3.53

11-50 cu                                              $2.70                                       $2.81

51-100 cu                                            $3.67                                       $3.82

101-300 cu                                          $5.24                                       $5.45

301 and above                                    $6.03                                       $6.27

Four Way Meters- Residential

0-40 cu                                                $3.44                                       $3.53

41-200 cu                                            $2.70                                       $2.81

201-400 cu                                          $3.67                                       $3.82

401-1200 cu                                        $5.24                                       $5.45

1201 and above                                  $6.03                                       $6.27


0-10 cu                                                $5.17                                       $5.30

11-50 cu                                              $2.70                                       $2.81

51-600 cu                                            $3.67                                       $3.82

600-901cu                                           $5.24                                       $5.45

901 and above                                    $6.03                                       $6.27

Four Way Meters- Commercial

0-40 cu                                                $5.17                                       $5.30

41-200 cu                                            $2.70                                       $2.81

201-400 cu                                          $3.67                                       $3.82

401-1200 cu                                        $5.24                                       $5.45

1201 and above                                  $6.03                                       $6.27

Minimum Bill-Residential                           $34.40                                     $35.30

Minimum Bill-Commercial                         $51.70                                     $53.00

Minimum Bill- Four Way Meter-Residential $137.60                             $141.20

Minimum Bill- Four Way Meter-Commercial $206.80                             $212.00

*Consumption Unit- 1 cu=100 cubic feet=748 gallons

*For the complete Ordinance information, please click the link here: Ordinance #23-11 – Water Rate

Tax Collection Information:

New Jersey Taxpayer Bill of Rights:

Division of Taxation Property Tax Relief Program:

Executive Order Installment Plan:


Assessments: Any questions concerning your assessment should be directed to the Tax Assessor. The Collector is responsible for the billing and collection of taxes only.

Deductions: Please contact the Tax Assessor for information regarding Veteran or Widow of a Veteran deductions and for Senior, Disabled or Surviving Spouse. Tax Assessor’s office: 973-410-5353.

Tax Bills/Dues Dates: Tax bills are mailed annually in July. Each bill contains four (4) tear off stubs for the 3rd and 4th quarters of the current year, and the 1st and 2nd quarters of the next year. Original bills are mailed to those who pay their own taxes, and to banks and mortgage companies. Property owners who pay their taxes through their mortgage company receive advice copies of the tax bill. This advice copy can be used to make tax payments if a mortgage has been paid off by the property owner. Please read both the front and back of the bill. Tax bills are due on: February 1st May 1st  August 1st November 1st  of each year. The Borough allows a grace period of ten (10) calendar days. If the tenth day falls on a holiday or weekend, the grace period is extended to the next business day. During August only, the grace period may be extended beyond the 10th of August. You will be notified on the face of the tax bill of the last day to pay August taxes.

Interest Rate on Late Payments: NJSA 54:4-67 states that if payment is not received by the end of business hours on the 10th day of the grace period, interest is to be charged. Interest is 8% per annum on the first $1,500.00 of delinquency; balances in excess of $1,500.00 have an interest rate of 18% per annum. This 18% rate remains in place until the taxes are brought current. Interest is charged from the 1st of the month that the payment is due, or the date of last payment. In addition, if the total balance (tax and interest) exceeds $10,000.00 on December 31, a 6% penalty shall be added to the amount due. Under this statute, the collector must have physical possession of the payment; no postmarks are accepted.

New Homeowners: Tax bills are only mailed once a year in July and are not always transferred at closing. It is the new homeowner’s responsibility to obtain tax information. A copy of your tax bill is always available at the Tax Collector’s Office by request.

Forms: Mailing Address Change/Bank Code Removal Form: Mailing Address Change, Bank Code Removal.  It is imperative that the Tax Office have in writing any change of address or change to a post office box to ensure delivery of all future bills.

Lien Payoffs: You must request in writing to the Collector a statement of redemption. The request must include the date that you anticipate making payment and a statement of your legal interest in the property. You may be required to provide proof of identity – NJ Tax Sale Law only allows ‘interested parties’ the right to redeem. For the purpose of lien redemptions, accepted forms of payment are cash, certified check, or money order. The Collector will notify the Lien Holder that payment has been received, and request the lien certificate from the holder. This certificate will be forwarded to you.

Tax Sale information: New Jersey Law requires all municipalities to hold at least one tax sale per year if the municipality has delinquent property taxes and/or municipal charges. Tax Sale is the enforcement of collections against a property by placing a lien against the property for all outstanding municipal charges due at the end of the calendar year (December 31). Tax Sale is normally held in the last quarter of the year. Municipal charges include but are not limited to, Taxes, Sewer, Water, Added/Omitted assessments, Special assessment charges, and Violations (Health, Code, or Construction)

2023 Tax Sale Advertisement:


For your Convenience you may now pay your Property Tax Bills and Utility Bills online. 

Please follow the link to pay your bill online:

For your convenience, there is a lock box located at the Police Entrance of Borough Hall for use as a drop-off for Tax, Water & Sewer payments. Please do not put cash in the box. Only checks with the proper payment stub will be accepted.


***Post dated checks will not be accepted and will be returned! Please make sure the check is dated the day you write the check or dated prior to that date.

Please note: The Tax/Water Office is located on the second level of Borough Hall. Use the Police Entrance, then at the top of the stairs or elevator turn left and follow signs to the Tax Office.


Accounts Payable/Purchasing Dept.:

Elizabeth Cangiano, Accounts Clerk



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