Water & Sewer Utility


The Borough owns, operates, maintains and repairs a potable water supply, storage and distribution system providing water to approximately 12,605 residents, business and large commercial facilities within the Borough’s 7.6 square mile borders. The Borough’s water supply system consists of three production wells that can draw up to 54,000,000 gallons of water from the Buried Valley Aquifer per month. The Borough has two water storage tanks that have a combined total storage of 1,250,000 gallons of water. Along with this, there is approximately 48 miles of water distribution piping, 485 Fire hydrants, 1250 water valves and 7 interconnections with other water purveyors. The Borough is also responsible for the installation, maintenance, and reading of 3,470 meter accounts.

For General Information & Billing 973-520-1980

Michael Sgaramella, Director of Water & Sewer Utility: 973-410-5353


Alex Zipeto, Water Superintendent: 973-410-5471

Elizabeth Cangiano – Accounts Clerk: 973-520-1980


Annual Drinking Water Quality Report:

2022 Annual Drinking Water Quality Report

The Borough of Florham Park Water Utility has posted and provided copies of the 2022 Annual Water Quality Report (CCR) at the following locations. All locations are within the Borough limits.

Borough Hall Municipal Building – Main Entrance Lobby – 111 Ridgedale Avenue

Borough Public Pool – Entryway – 107 Ridgedale Avenue

Borough Firehouse Company #1 – 305 Brooklake Road

Florham Park Public Library — 107 Ridgedale Avenue

2021 Annual Water System Certification: 2021 Annual Water System Certification

Ratepayer Relief: Water Notice


Lead Service Line Inventory Information:

The Borough of Florham Park actively seeks to ensure that lead and copper are not found in our public community water system in detectable levels. As part of an effort to comply with the regulations and requirements of the Federal Lead and Copper Rule and P.L.2021, Ch. 183, the Borough of Florham Park has compiled this inventory of service line information. The inventory will be regularly updated as the Borough continues to investigate the composition of service lines throughout the Borough. Service lines in the Borough have two parts: the portion owned by the Borough of Florham Park from the main to the curb box, and the customer owned portion from the curb box to the water meter.

The current inventory can be found here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1HyL1tKKn3AF3G0gPRoq9PUTnliANm1TKk1ra885sMNs/edit?usp=sharing


The Borough owns, operates, maintains, and repairs a sewerage treatment facility, collection system, and sewerage pumping stations that service residences, business and commercial facilities within the Borough’s 7.6 square mile borders. The Borough’s sewerage system consists of 1 main treatment facility that operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to process 312,000,000 gallons of sewerage, along with 7 sewerage pumping stations, and 30 miles of sewer collection pipes.

For Billing 973-520-1980, option #3

For General Information 973-377-1330

Michael Sgaramella, Director

Suzanne Herold, Administrative Assistant

Joseph DePasquale, Plant Manager


Nathan Yoder, Laboratory Manager


2021 Sewer Reconnection Requirements

Field Location of House Sewer Connections