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Mayor Mark Taylor


March 24, 2020

A Message From Mayor Mark Taylor


I hope your family is safe and doing well. Over the past few weeks we have experienced unprecedented circumstances that none of us could have predicted nor controlled. Please know that Borough Officials are monitoring the situation very closely. Kudos to members of the OEM Team, Police Department as well as Borough officials and employees who are working diligently on the front lines and behind the scenes.

To best assist our residents, we continue to post information on the OEM website, Florham Park Police OEM Facebook page and the Florham Park Borough Facebook page. We are also sending out important alerts via ALERT Florham Park. If you have not signed up for the Alerts, please visit our website at to sign up. In addition to those resources, information is also being posted on Channel 21 for Optimum subscribers and on Channel 35 for FiOS subscribers.

Although I am sure you are all aware of safety precautions to implement in your daily lives, it is my duty as Mayor to convey to all of our residents that changes in behavior are crucial to alleviating the spread of this virus.

The virus has resulted in necessary changes and decisions to be made by Borough Officials. At this time all Borough buildings remain closed to the Public which includes Borough Hall, Florham Park Library, Florham Park Recreation Center and the Little Red Schoolhouse. In addition, we have recently closed ALL parks and recreation areas primarily due to large groups still assembling in these areas over the past week. Please be mindful of this order and of the protective yellow tape at each of these areas. This was done for the safety and protection of our residents. At this time we ask that you be respectful of the closures of these areas. As I am sure you are aware via an Executive Order of the Governor, dining establishments remain open for take-out only. If possible, please consider supporting our wonderful local businesses during this time.

It is important to note that if you have come in contact with someone with symptoms you should self-quarantine for a 14 day period and avoid contact with others. I urge all residents to maintain “Social Distancing” practices and to stay at home whenever possible. I also urge you to wash your hands frequently, do not touch your face and do not shake hands with anyone. I am very hopeful that by using these simple but effective habits we can help alleviate the spread of this virus.

In this time of need, please feel free to reach out if you need help in getting to the store for groceries or medication or any other essential items. We have many people ready and willing to assist our population and especially our senior citizens if they need assistance. If you are a senior and need assistance please contact Senior Club President Paul Chase at Any other citizens that have regular questions or need non-emergency assistance can reach out directly by emailing Borough Clerk Sheila Williams @
For Emergency assistance please dial 9-1-1

Despite the challenges we are facing in the World and in our Borough we are lucky to live in such a wonderful caring community! I would like to thank all individuals who have stepped up to help their neighbors in their time of need. I have heard many wonderful stories of residents assisting their neighbors. Also, a quick reminder to check on any elderly relatives, neighbors and friends to ensure they are well or if they require some type of assistance. If we work together we can accomplish a lot. The most important thing I wish for all of you is that you remain safe and healthy! Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions or concerns via email at .


Mark Taylor, Mayor

Below you find some helpful information that contains updated phone numbers and websites that you can visit for updates on the progress in NJ and testing areas in the event that you have symptoms. Remember you cannot be tested if you do not display symptoms; you will be turned away from these pop-up testing areas

There are multiple ways for our constituents to obtain answers to general questions about COVID-19:
Call: 211
Call (24/7): 1-800-962-1253*

*Due to an incredibly high volume of calls, wait times can be substantial
Constituents may also appreciate knowing about Atlantic Health Nurse Screening Hotline number: 1-862-260-3199. It is available seven days a week from 7:00 am to 7:00pm. A highly trained Atlantic Health medical professional will answer the call, consult with the patient, and provide direction to obtain needed resources. (This hotline cannot provide referrals for COVID-19 testing)

We would urge you to use the COVID-19 information hub at or reach out to the Atlantic Health Hotline or your primary care physician prior to seeking testing, as kits are limited and there are restrictions as to who may be tested. To avail yourself of the testing site, individuals must be current New Jersey residents and experiencing symptoms of respiratory illness. Priority will be given to symptomatic individuals experiencing cough, fever (99.6F or above) and shortness of breath.






From the Desk of Mayor Mark Taylor and members of the
Borough Council

Notification and updates on Coronavirus
Florham Park, New Jersey, March 16, 2020

It is the goal of the Mayor and Council members of the Borough of Florham Park to remain proactive in taking steps to reduce the spread of communicable diseases such as the Coronavirus. We intend to do our best to protect the wellness of all of our residents and employees to the best of our ability. The Borough is also committed to making sure that we work together with our Schools and neighboring Towns as well as County and State Officials during this critical period and beyond.

First and foremost we hope that everyone is safe and that proper protocols are being administered within your homes as well as when visiting or coming into contact with others. Social distancing practices remain of the utmost importance.

As some of you may have heard, the Borough family of employees has unfortunately had someone test positive for the Coronavirus. We had already begun to take preventive measures at all public buildings by closing them off to the public prior to this employee being diagnosed. These circumstances led to the decision by our team to remove all non essential employees from Borough buildings and facilities until further notice.

We have also taken other steps to try and minimize the spread of the virus to ensure the safety of our residents and employees. Currently, we have closed the Senior Center, Library, Little Red Schoolhouse, Community Center, Environmental Center and all other Borough buildings until further notice. In addition, we have closed ALL Borough playgrounds, parks, fields and outdoor school yard properties to prevent large groups from gathering. As the weather was so nice this weekend I noticed many groups of people out enjoying it. At this time we ask that you please limit your group exposure as much as possible until further notice.

You can access the most current information from the Facebook page of the Florham Park Office of Emergency Management by following the link below. Or by signing up to receive timely updates via ALERT Florham Park, which link is also provided below.

Florham Alert:

Office of Emergency Managment Facebook page:

The Borough intends to inform all individuals of the risk of exposure to the Coronavirus and set forth the principles that we hope will be followed to reduce the risk and spreading of the Coronavirus.

The following directive has been sent out from the Governor’s office this AM with an effective date of today.

New Jersey will be joining New York and Connecticut in closing down movie theatres and gyms effective this evening. Gyms will be closing at 8 PM and remain closed moving forward.

Gatherings larger than 50 people will be prohibited.

Bars and Restaurants will be closing at 8 PM moving forward, with the ability to re-open each day to offer take-out and delivery services.

Food establishments will be prohibited from offering eat-in services.

The Governor will be recommending that people should not travel between 8:00 PM and 5:00 AM. The goal will be to discourage people from traveling at those times.

Establishments such as supermarkets/pharmacies will not be affected by the mandatory 8 PM closures. They will remain open to provide services for all residents.

The State is anticipated to provide specific details later today. Stay tuned for further details as they are provided.

Any questions regarding the information contained in this email should be addressed to either myself or the Borough Health Officer as follows:

Tom Cantisano @ 973-835-5700
or to me @

Please feel free to view the Florham Park Facebook, OEM FP Facebook and the FPPD Facebook for updates. We wish you continued health and safety. I will post some additional information regarding the virus itself below. I will post some additonal information on the virus itself shortly.

Mayor Mark Taylor