Affordable Housing Opportunities

Florham Park Affordable Housing Opportunities


Municipal Housing Administrator: CGP&H (Community Grants Planning & Housing)


147 Columbia Turnpike: Affordable Rentals Waiting List


Low/Moderate Income Housing Locations in Florham Park (Rentals Only):

Residents have to contact management offices to inquire about waiting lists & income requirements.

  • Riverbend: 973-665-0050, 1901 Sterling Drive, Florham Park
  • Sun Valley: 609-786-1100, 6200 Darling Drive, Florham Park
  • Park Avenue Apartments (Woodfield Estates): 908-688-7711,  804 Ward Place, Florham Park

2023 Florham Park Annual Monitoring Report


Morris County Affordable Housing: 973-540-0389.

NJ Council on Affordable Housing (COAH): 609-292-3000

New Jersey Housing Resource Center (NJHRC):

Home Improvement Program: